Kai, I remember primary school days when I had to study Basic Science, Our teacher then (Smiles. I can’t even remember what class exactly) taught us the basic elements needed to survive. It was so difficult to understand then, but you know, she had these pictures to show us. Many years later, I appreciate her and many other teachers around the world.

Trust me, there is nothing new under the earth, everything is an evolution of the past.

Let’s share the primary school version of these basic elements needed to survive.

SUNLIGHT: This is probably the most important need for survival, because it is the source of all energy. It also provides heat for plants and animals.

WATER: Water is the medium in which living cells and tissues work. Water is also a living environment for many plants and animals.

AIR: Air is made up of several gases, but the two most important gases are Oxygen and Carbon dioxide. Without oxygen, animal will die, and plants cannot survive.

FOOD (NUTRIENTS): Living things need energy for function. Energy is needed to grow, reproduce, move, and work.

SHELTER: For survival, the ideal environment and temperature is very important.