When people who has not seen me for some time see me now, they will be like, wow, what happened? I like the way you look, you look so slim, and how did you do it? I want to lose weight too. I will just laugh, it didn’t happen overnight, it was a gradual process. Hahahaha.

You see, when I discovered I was overweight and decided it was time to lose some weight, I want through the internet searching for possible way out. Most articles talked about reducing food portion. I knew that wouldn’t work for me so easily since I was one hell of a heavy eater. How was I going to deal with that was a problem. However, I resolved to do one thing, begin the journey with night meals, but then am this person that sleeps late, owing to the fact at that time I was still an active mastery student and working as well. What is the solution? I didn’t know, but from my research on weight loss, I saw that vegetables take less time to digest and boiled eggs were healthy option as well.  So I resolved to eating large bowl of vegetable salad with cooked eggs without any form of cream most nights since i believed that creams contain some unhealthy fat which will not help me accomplish my goal.

This is what I did: I will make a large bowl of salad with two boiled eggs but divide it into two portions. I will eat one portion when I get back from work, then the other portion later before I go to bed. It worked out for me because with the time, I discovered I get full even with the first portion such that I never had to go for another round. That has completely helped me because I no longer eat heavy meals at night and generally I get full with little portions now. Weight loss goal achieved.

Please do share your own weight loss strategy so that other readers can benefit.


Cabbage, Lettuce, Carrot, Cucumber, Tomatoes, 2 Boiled Eggs


Wash and slice all ingredient. Layer on each other, place in the fridge 10 minutes then serve.