Sweeping the house is what we do every day, just call it routine. For most Nigeria homes, we use the broom made from palm tree which is very good. In fact the goal of keeping our environment clean is achieved with this. Basically, using this brown requires that you bend to be able to do your work fast and clean. However, bending so much is really not healthy even though you might look at it as “Is this not just this small space I sleep every day. Yea yea , that true to some extent but is of paramount important that we guide our health as much as we can.

Why this so much story? I discovered that brooms are almost the last thing a lot of people see as a necessity. Like you use your brown so tee, e go come be like native doctor own (Portrayed in Nigerian movies). Just laugh if you feel like, but that’s true. Check yours now, you will notice that your broom is short too. Abi I lie?


  • With a long broom your sweeping is faster, since you can cover more ground in one stroke.
  • With longer broom, you reach far ends like under the cupboard, chairs, bed etc
  • You bend and stress less.

Go out there, get a new long broom. Am sure with this you help your waist bones today. Cheers