Wow, January is so fast. Sorry I took too long to say Happy New Year. Not exactly an excuse but I have really been over busy following the new job I got last December, 2018. It’s been really challenging trying to meet target in a new setting coupled with traveling to rural places. I hope I can write on my experiences this January.

So Happy New Year. Welcome to our year of Dominion where we shall be Decoding 10X, Solving for X with God at the center of it all.

I wrote about how I solved for X in 2018, even though I was reluctant about making a list for what I hope to work hard for and achieve in 2018 haven failed in achieving most of the things on my list in the previous years.

In 2018, I Solved for X. Meaning making a plan and stating how I hope to achieve it, implementing every possible and positive strategy to achieve it, monitoring and evaluating the year and be sure am in line, where it’s not in line, re-strategize to continue and finally in December, I analyzed to see  my success and failures. You can read about it here.

So what is for 2019?  In line with my role model whom I followed in 2018, Dr. Adeola Olubamiji, I will still be working in line with her this year, understanding the fact that, following the right path produces  results.

2019 is tagged Decoding 10X, Solving for X. This implies that, I will be working on the remaining part of my goal for 2018(i.e. those ones I didn’t achieve). I will also be working on new goals, quite higher than that of 2018. This implies that I will have to improve on my strategies on how to work it out, monitor and evaluate the process, that way I know if am  in line or not.  So join in the crusade and because God is at the center of it all, I strongly believe, it shall be Dominion on the way.

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