World Cancer Day commemorated on the 4th of February every year reminds everyone around the world the need to show support, raise collective voice, take personal action and press the government to do more. World Cancer Day is one day on the global health calendar where it is very important for all to unite under one banner to raise awareness   for cancer in a positive and inspiring way.

Each year a theme is used to promote this positive and inspiring commitment. For 2019, the theme is “I am and I will” – all about your story and your commitment.

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a condition in which some cells in the body grow uncontrollably, and in some case, spread and invade organs in other parts of the body — a process called metastasis. This abnormal growth is harmful because it doesn’t just replace healthy cells in organs, but also causes changes in our body’s biochemistry that can lead to weight loss and a compromised immune system thereby leading to death.

There are over 200 different types of cancers, some of which are far more common worldwide than others. The most common ones are lung and breast cancer (12.3 percent of total cases each), colorectal i.e. the large intestine cancer (10.6 percent), followed by prostate cancer (7.5 percent) and stomach cancer (6.1 percent), according to the World Cancer Research Fund International statistics.

To understand the need for this commitment, World Health statistics provides us with a working knowledge that estimated 9.5 million people worldwide were expected to die from cancer in 2018 – about 26,000 cancer deaths a day – and that number is predicted to grow. This is why this commitment cuts across all- personal, communities, organizations and the government.

Read through this commitment poem and take positive action in any category you fall in.


#IAm a Corporate Organization, #AndIWill contribute to healthier workplace, be a powerful voice in the community and act as a vital support for employees impacted by cancer.

#IAm a Health Organization, #AndIWill increase awareness, accurate information and knowledge that will empower us all to recognize early warning signs, make informed choices about our health and counter our fears and misconceptions about cancer.

#IAm an Individual, I am aware that at least one third of cancers are preventable, #AndIWill champion healthy choices and prevention strategies to have the best chance to prevent and reduce cancer risk.

#IAm a Health Personnel who will promote quality cancer care which includes dignity, respect, support and love #AndIWill consider not just the physical impact of cancer but respect the emotional, sexual and social wellbeing of each individual.

#IAm the Government, I will promote and ensure quality lifestyle for my citizens #AndIWill champion the provision of funds and health policies for quality health care management.

Remember that whoever you are, you can take action to prevent and reduce the impact of cancer.

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