I use every opportunity available to reach out to get more people sensitized and screened for TB. This was what I did this last week.

There was a report of new case of polio in a community within my own jurisdiction of the LGA where I work which prompted immediate polio out break vaccination response to tackle the situation. I learnt about it during the LGA data validation and I resolved to support the team. You might ask why. I usually use this kind of opportunities to sensitize and screen more people for TB since vaccination is house to house. That way, am able to reach more people which ordinarily I might not reach even when there is massive use of town crier to call the people out during chest camps.

For me, it was that saying “Use one stone to kill two birds. Hahhahhah, I used one stone to really kill two birds.  While I joined the team moving around, I screened a good number of persons for TB, got some presumptive cases, collected sputum samples and referred under 5 for chest X-ray billed for this coming week.

I also used the opportunity to recruit participant for the ongoing data collection for InteRAI Canada Check-Up project which am serving as Country Lead Consultant. Sharp Sharp, no dull moment.


We went to one of the houses, we meet an old woman who is somehow visually impaired, her daughter in-law with two grandchildren. We had finished administering the vaccine to the kids when the woman asked some questions in Igbo language. Her daughter in-law not wanting to talk too much responded in a manner that made us laugh so hard as we left the compound.

Old Woman: Are these church people? (I guess she has this notion that only church people serve the community with drugs)

Daughter in-law: Yes

Old Woman: Is today Sunday?

Daughter in-law: Yes (Bad girl, it was actually on Wednesday)

Woman: Thanks you people of God.

Team: Weldon ma.

One of the compounds we entered, no children just two old women jisting. Hmmmm, opportunity has come oh. I let the team move around some other compounds while I utilized the opportunity to administer the InteRAI questionnaire to one of the women. She was so playful. When I asked her for photography, she gladly asked me to pose while she does the same to get a good picture. See this woman oh.

My third remarkable experience was this girl of like 4 years plus. She refused to be vaccinated oh, we tried to pat her, still no show. She ran away, we had to use force oh. This one is really stubborn oh because even as the vaccine was dropped into her mouth, she throw it away. The vaccinator had to use the method that suits people like her.

The End.