Iriebe Community, Rivers State, Nigeria ( 28th May, 2020)

Am very proud to be a woman as such I can talk about periods without been ashamed because that is one basic characteristic that differentiates me from a man.

Talking about myself, I started menstruating in my JSS 2, I think 11 years. An experience I can never forget.

It was the day for the send forth for our senior students, so I didn’t go to school early. It was like 11am, ready to take shower, then the stains.

Although I didn’t have much knowledge but I had my cousin, Aunty Queen Mandy (Nee Ufondu). She served that purpose of explaining everything I needed to know at that time. Thanks to her


For me, I had the opportunity of learning from my cousin but lots of girls don’t. They learn from their peers and of course, that knowledge is limited. That is why I decided that, it’s imperative that I join the world to raise the awareness of letting our mothers, aunties and sisters ensure they take the responsibility to get our girls well informed on time even before their first period and follow up on them to ensure menstrual hygiene management. This helps to give girls the confidence they need to navigate through this life long process.

Afor hall, Ojoto Okpuno, Anambra State, Nigeria (29th May,2020).

This responsibility is not just on our female folks alone, it’s everyone responsibility because awareness such as this aids to eliminate the persisting taboos and stigma associated with menstruation.

Secondly, I raise funds to run Menstrual Hygiene Day event to help us all understand that it is everyones responsibility to ensure that the girls around you have access to menstrual products not just to mark the day but to make it a continuous responsibility. This doesn’t really cost much you know.

Ezema hall, Ojoto Obofia, Anambra State (28th May,2020)


Funds raised(₦ 109,000) from networks, friends, colleagues, family and the convener covered for sanitary pads for 400 girls (including logistics) which were distributed to girls on the 28 and 29 of May 2020  in three locations (Iriebe Town, Rivers State , Ojoto Okpuno and Ojoto Obofia, Anambra State).

It is a very big thank you from the Just Pad A Girl team.

See more pictures of events below.

Iriebe Community, Rivers State, Nigeria (28th May, 2020).
Ezema hall, Ojoto Obofia, Anambra State, Nigeria (28th May,2020).
Iriebe Community, Rivers State, Nigeria ( 28th May, 2020)
Afor hall, Ojoto Okpuno, Anambra State (28th May,2020)

Afor hall, Ojoto Okpuno, Anambra State (29th May,2020)