There are some people who has been destined to play a vital role as you journey in life. For me, my cousin’s wife, Lady. Nkemjika Ezekwelu is one.

The first time I came to Awka after graduation was I guess 2013 or so, the state government was employing. I informed my cousin I was coming to stay in his place for that. I did come for the first time to submit my application and the second for the interview.  At this time, he was already married, I stayed with them a few days, I saw kindness personified.

After returning to Nigeria in 2017 and sourcing for means of livelihood, I was informed I could get some opportunities in Awka, so I called her, with all happiness she said I should start coming. I ended up staying a little close to 2 months with her in vigorous search of a job. It did not work out so I left but she kept telling me , “Ebere, you will get a job and stay with me from where you get married and move to your own house. Hahahahha, me I was just laughing.

In all these, we got so close such that you will hardly notice she is actually my cousin’s wife. Everyone just thought she is my own sister.


I came back in May 2018 for another interview in Awka, which did not work out again.  In November 2018, I came back again yet for another interview. At this point, she told me to go back to Port Harcourt, pack my things that this is the last one that I must get this one. Your LadyE answered a big Amen because the year was coming to an end and I was even tired of the whole stuff although I was working as a volunteer for Family Health International (FHI360) SIDHAS Project.

To cut the long story short, I  got two jobs in Enugu and Anambra in December 2018 and I have been with her since January 2019 navigating the two states for over four months until I concluded one of the Jobs. In this four months of stress, she stood by me.

In the mist of staying with her, I have done about three consultancies with top organizations and a university.  With her, I feel at home. The whole environment is conducive. Hahahaha, you get what am staying.

Every day, she speaks positive advancement in my life and career. You know, this thing called “Positive Energy”.

I know you guys will also want to hear if the other vital department of a woman’s life she has always wished for me has been answered. Ok na, guys hold on, that is story for another day.

In all, what I can say about this great woman is that;

She is selfless, a warrior, a virtuous woman. Just name it.

On this special day, I celebrate you. Happy birthday dear. Many more years of total health, longevity and dominion.

May each and every moment of your life be filled with the same happiness and hope you bring to others. Happy birthday once again; golden heart.