Persistence means to persist, to keep going despite obstacles or setbacks, to continue moving forward no matter what. Persistence is a powerful force that can be harnessed toward your success. As you probably know, success just doesn’t fall into your lap; you have to take action toward success and like climbing a ladder, it takes forward action one step at a time.


The power of persistence has the power to yield positive outcomes. Have you ever witnessed a child persistently asking his mother to buy him something?  She may have said no 20 times but the little child just kept persisting in his endeavor to get the desired object. He may have even begun whining or crying. Chances are the persistence paid off, because children just seem to know that persistence will pay off most of the time and mum and dad will give in if enough whining or crying occurs.

There is a power in persistence that can be used in negative ways (like the child) or positive ways. If you ask 100 highly successful business men and women how they got to where they are today, I bet all of them would list persistence as one of the characteristics that helped them become successful.


If you’re passionate about something, chances are you’re persistent in moving toward it. Do you have a goal of becoming a figure a chosen career path, business etc? If yes, then you need persistence to keep your passion on track. Let me give you a real life story.

After National Youth Service, my passion for public health came alive. I tried getting job, none worked. I began to search what steps I need to bring me where I want. Master of Public Health (MPH) was just a good link. So I went for it. Still, almost two years after my MPH, I couldn’t still find a place to practice what I learnt. Trust me I could have left public health and maybe find another path to life. But no, my passion kept me on track. My passion led me in volunteering where I worked hard even without pay. After 202 applications and 8 interviews, I landed my first two jobs. The rest is history now.


Do you have a passion? Were you once passionate about something but have put it on the back burner because things weren’t going as fast as you’d liked? I admonish you to dig deep and rediscover the passions inside you and make a plan to go forward with persistence toward fulfilling them. It’s easier to give up on your dreams than to persist through disappointments and setbacks, but easy won’t fulfill you. A sense of ploughing through obstacles, fears and setbacks will fulfill you day in and day out. Knowing that you’re set on persisting through ANYTHING to get what you want is a very liberating feeling.


Now that you understand that persistence is powerful and necessary, you might be wondering how you can incorporate it into your life . It’s not as difficult as you might think. Being persistent is basically committing to not giving up on your goals no matter what happens. It’s looking at whatever comes along your path and being determined to deal with it as best as you can so you can continue on your journey toward success.

Sometimes hurdles come and you’re not sure what to do. Know that it’s alright. When you don’t know what to do, simply do some research to learn how you can handle the situation. There are tools and resources that you can use to learn how to handle different things in life, as well as people who have already faced whatever it is you’re dealing with.

Have you come to a halt in your forward progress? Talk to someone else who has been there and get some advice. Are you extremely frustrated or have you given up? Look at your problems in a different perspective, go to a seminar (even free ones if you don’t have funds; search Eventbrite, you could find free events to help you navigate through life)  or surf the internet to breathe some new life and dreams into you. Sometimes all it takes is sharing your frustration with someone else to gain fresh insights and revelations.

You can learn to harness the power of persistence to achieve your goals and dreams. Adopt an “I can do it no matter what!” attitude and see how your forward motion picks up speed. It might not always go as planned but you will move forward. Go ahead and give yourself permission to move forward, soaring on the power of persistence toward fulfilling your passions!