I have had few relationships including near marriage( Oh God bless your soul my first guy; my own Late Engr Olalikun Tijesu Olawoyin and one guy like that (my people , this particular one, I had to return his engagement ring biko, I can’t kill myself oh). However, this time, am set to walk down the aisles for real.

See your ears, you want to hear it all. Ok, am here for you all

I think in 2015 I started complaining to my very good friend about my then fiance. I guess he got tired and recommended I follow relationship coach Amara Blessing Nwosu on Facebook. I did and finally stopped bugging this friend of mine with the trouble.


So Aunty Amara has this group on Facebook, Christian Singles Connect which I came to know of sometime in 2019, she had encouraged her single followers to join. I did join. Normally in the page new members introduce themselves but I never did. However, sometime in November 2019, a post was shared on the page which required one to say hi, hello or wow depending on your age group. I said wow because I belong to that age group and I discovered that someone had liked my comment. I didn’t bother about it until after a few days, the person chatted me introducing himself and continued with singing praises, you know what I mean na. I didn’t even respond immediately. Omo, I had backlog of work to do coupled with my PhD school search/application (Am yet to get a scholarship offer. I hope I can get this year sha) and online courses. See me see relationship, kai , I don’t have time for such thing  jor. He also sent me friendship request which I ignored. Still he continued saying hello, hi and all that. That’s how I went to his profile to scrutinize it. I discovered nothing bad about him from his page oh. So I accepted his friendship request.


That’s how he went ahead to thank me for accepting his friendship request. Before you know it,  he started asking me questions upon questions. Omo, I shunned him jor oh. I told him to go to all my social media pages including my website, get the information he needs and return with constructive questions that I don’t entertain random questions like that. Hahhaha, the young man obeyed and returned with better questions. Me too, I asked my own questions. After much talk, I told him “ we are world apart, I cannot date you”. He persisted oh. I guess he knows what he wants and was determined to get it.

We moved from social media to phone calls. When we finally meet physically, I wasn’t impressed, yea, yea but this young man was persistent, he will not let go despite my rejections.

Here we are. Tuesday, 6th April, 2021 is the deal day. He will eat the fruit ( If you know what am saying). He deserve it sha( you will not understand it. I had to put him to a very big test that hardly will a man put up with such, but he said he has faith. His faith worked this time).So if you are within reach. Join us.

Bloggers and media houses, I give you permission to share our story. Trust me guys, anything is possible.

“Solomon Found Favour 2021”