Eating healthy meals and having good exercise sure has a link to living healthy but that’s not all. A true holistic wellness includes emotional, social and mental health.

In close observation, you tend to put yourself at the very end of your priority list, especially when the list gets long, this simply means you not only are neglecting yourself, but you’re also neglecting everyone who relies on you. Understand that you have to put on your own air mask before assisting others.

Never feel guilty if you put yourself before others because you have to help yourself before you can be able to help others.

So practically, how do you go about including self-care as you navigate? Below you’ll find some list of self- care ideas. This is not an exclusive list. Feel free to add them to your own list. Enjoy!


Exercise has so many health benefits. Other than it helping our physical health, it also helps our mental wellbeing.

When you think about exercising, you might just consider it for weight-loss reasons. But it’s so much more important than just maintaining a healthy weight. It also wards off diseases and conditions. Regular exercise can prevent and manage some health problems.


It’s so easy to get lost on our phones checking notifications and scrolling through social media. We constantly pick up our phones and it might seem like we’re only on it for a few seconds at a time. But this adds up to a lot of time.

And this is only for social media use. Now think about how much time you use technology to watch movies, play video games, and anything else on some sort of device.

It’s easy to spend most of our day staring at a screen. Doing each of these things isn’t necessarily bad, but too much of it isn’t healthy. It can be addicting and wastes time that we could be spending on productive activities. Technology also interrupts time spent with others.

I’m not saying you should never use a technology device. This is almost impossible with how society is today. But limiting the time you spend on a device can help make you more productive and improve your mental health.


Finding relaxing activities has many benefits, including:

  • Lowering heart rate and blood pressure
  • Maintaining normal blood sugar levels
  • Improving digestion
  • Relaxing muscles
  • Improving concentration and mood
  • Improving sleep and lowering fatigue



What we eat impacts all aspects of our health. While you don’t need to constantly diet or restrict certain foods, it’s important to be mindful of what you put in your body.


Humans are social beings. Face-to-face contact triggers the release of chemicals that regulate our response to stress and anxiety.

Maintaining close friendships as we get older helps prevent mental decline. These friendships also lower the rate of future depression and anxiety.

Not only does being social support our emotional wellbeing, but it has a connection to physical health benefits. Social people tend to have better habits and healthy lifestyles. Researchers have even found that those who aren’t social have a  60% higher risk for prediabetes, which generally leads to diabetes.



Motivation is necessary for allowing us to adapt, be productive and maintain wellbeing. It’s especially important during change. This is what drives us to have a sense of purpose and experience personal growth.

Everyone gets their purpose and growth from different activities. But they first need to feel motivated to do those things.


Routines and schedules are beneficial since they keep us on track. They can also prevent stress since we know what to expect for our day. But like I already mentioned, always doing the same thing can get boring and we start to lose motivation.

Switching things up allows people to learn new skills, gain new perspectives, try new things, and break out of the monotony of routine. Doing new activities makes people more open to change and different possibilities. It also stimulates people both emotionally and physically.

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